Racing Radios Two-Way Headset (Black) | RRH084BLK-H

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Our iconic two-way headset is used in every form of racing around the world. We took our standard headset to the next level with upgraded features an incorporated scanner jack on the left ear-cup that enables you to plug an additional audio source. RRH084BLK-H features our classic design in stylish black.

Features include:
  • Noise-canceling adjustable microphone
  • Foam ear seals
  • Comfortable behind the head fit. 
  • Push to talk on the left ear cup.
  • Built-in scanner port on left ear-cup to plug in a scanner for 2nd audio feed.  (Headset cable for radio not included)
  • 5-Pin Cable Connector on Right Ear Cup
 *Don't forget to add your headset cable, Click here for the headset cable page *

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