Are you at each NASCAR and IMSA race? If so, where are you located?

Yes, we are at every one of NASCAR's top three series races. We are also at every major IMSA race. We are the "Official two-way radio communications provider for NASCAR" and IMSA. In the garage area of each track, our sales/technical personnel are located in offices in the Featherlite trailers of each of the series. They are usually located by a large Racing Radios decal either on the door or window. We are the only radio communications provider allowed in NASCAR's garages and take tremendous pride in that.

Do you rent radios? headsets? Scanners?

Yes, yes, and yes! Just call one of our offices for more details.

What is the difference between ANALOG and DIGITAL?

Analog and Digital radios use the same frequencies but are completely different in the way that they communicate. Analog radios can be picked up with off-the-shelf scanners. They general do not allow for any private communications. Digital radios can not currently be scanned by fans or competitors. They provide for private conversations without the "hiss" and "scratchy" sounds of traditional Analog radios. Most digital radios will also operate in analog mode for backwards compatibility.

What is the difference between THREE and FOUR CONDUCTOR

4-conductor has become more of a standard in recent years. 3-conductor harnesses and helmets are slowly phasing out. The 4-conductor helmet and harness connector has a plastic outer housing and 4 metal contacts for audio. 3-conductor helmets and harnesses have a metal outer housing and only 3 metal contacts (including the housing) for audio. We recommend that your new purchases use 4-conductor whenever possible.

What is the red wire for on the mobile car harness?

The red wire is used for remote turn on for the radio. It needs to be wired to +12V ignition switch. This will turn the radio on and off with the ignition or via an accessory switch. This does not need to be connected, however, many radios will not power back on after a power cycle without it. The driver may have to turn the radio back on manually whenever it is not connected. We recommend connecting it when you have a radio that has an on/off push-button.

How do I wire my helmet?

Watch our, "HowTo" video on how to wire your helmet. 

What side of the copper ground plane goes up?

The green fiberglass side goes up, the copper side needs to make contact to the antenna.