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BMW M2 CS | Car Wiring Harness Radio Package

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Racing Radios has designed its premium car wiring harness for the new BMW M2 CS. This car wiring harness connects the driver's two-way radio communication with the Motorola CM300 Mobile Radio and the M2's factory push-to-talk system. Racing Radios' race in-car wiring harness is a rugged two-way communication core designed for high-performance, maximum reliability, and durability.

The Motorola CM300D Mobile Two-Way Radio paired with Racing Radios New Revolutionary CAK-70 Race Car Radio Antenna gives you the performance and reliability essential for pro motorsport applications. This package is the high-end, premium two-way radio communications package your New 2020 BMW M2 Clubsport deserves.

Package Includes:

  • 2020 BMW M2 CS | Car Wiring Harness 
  • Motorola CM300D Mobile Digital/Analog Radio
  • Racing Radios Revolutionary Antenna | CAK-70 

+ Racing Radios Car Wiring Harness | RCH-100010-BMW-M2CS.     
  • 4/C Driver Connection
  • CM300D Mobile Radio Connection (Rear)
  • BMW M2 CS Push-To-Talk (PTT) Connector
  • High-quality Cabling & Components
+ Motorola CM300D Mobile Two-Way Radio 

+ Racing Radios Revolutionary Antenna | CAK-70 
  • Easy Radio Antenna Installation
  • ¼ Wave Flexible Monopole Optimized for
    Two-Way Radio Communication
  • Flexible Ground Wire Plane
  • Dual Lock Adhesive Mounts
Technical Specs & Docs: