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Intercom ZOOM Adapter

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  • $365.00

Introducing the new PITBX-ZOOM Adapter designed to connect a team's online conference (Or any conference platform) directly through the intercom channel on the PITBX Pro intercom.

With new restrictions on the number of team members in the pit, this new adapter will allow as many team members from anywhere in the world access to Pit box race communication.


  • 5-Pin Intercom Female Connector (15’)
  • Laptop/Smartphone Cable TRRS-Audio Male (5’)
Connect to:
  • Laptop (with audio i/o connector)
  • Smartphone (with audio i/o connector)
If you have any questions, drop us a comment or call! Internet-capable device and internet connection required. Some platforms & devices may not be compatible. Intercom Not Included. 

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