Long Track Portable System | CP200D Analog

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This Long Track Portable Racing Radios Analog System comes ready to be used in any form of racing from HSR, SCCA, to the top professional level.

This package comes with a Motorola Analog CP200D radio for the car, a Racing Radios custom built harness with a push to talk and connection to the driver's helmet and an external antenna kit for added reception.

For the driver, there is a Racing Radios helmet kit and a set of foam drivers earpieces. Outside the car for your crew guy or engineer is a Motorola Analog CP200D radio with a Racing Radios Two-Way headset with noise cancelling mic. This is a turn-key system and is ready to be shipped out.

System Includes:

  • Motorola Analog CP200D Radio
    (w/ Battery, Single Unit Charger, Power Supply)
  • Helmet kit (4/C IMSA Style Helmet Kit)
  • Push to Talk Button (Hole-through or Velcro Options)
  • Driver Earpieces & Case (Foam RRIEM19FF001)
  • Car Harness (RCH-139010A-H)
  • Antenna Kit
  • Motorola CP200D Analog Crew Member Package | Includes: 
    Motorola Analog CP200D Radio
    (w/ Battery, Single Unit Charger, Power Supply) 
    Racing Radios Headset (RRH084-H or RRH084BLK-H) 
    Motorola 2-Pin Headset Cable (RDH-950-H) 
    Racing Radios Belt

*helmet not included

Tech Specs & Docs:

Motorola CP200D Two-Way Radio Spec Sheet(PDF)
Motorola CP200D Two-Way Radio User Guide (PDF)

System Guides:
Racing Radios Basic System Install Diagram (PDF)

History of Quality & Reliability
This is same harness, helmet kit, earpieces used by today's top professional teams and drivers. Racing Radios does not substitute its name for quality. That is why we have been The Leader in Racing Communications Worldwide since 1979. 

Experienced Team Service and Support 
We have been pioneering, building, and servicing racing communication systems for over 40 years. If you need assistance putting together a system or have any questions about our Long Track Systems, give us a call at 1.800.669.1522.