Silver Long Track (CP200D Analog)

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  • $1,495.00

This system comes ready to be used in any form of racing from HSR, SCCA, to the top professional level. System comes with a Motorola CP200D Analog radio for the car, a Racing Radios custom built harness with a push to talk and connection to the driver's helmet. Also added is an external antenna kit perfect for added reception. For the driver there is a Racing Radios helmet kit and a set of foam drivers earpieces. Outside the car for your crew guy or engineer is a Motorola CP200 radio with a Racing Radios Two-Way headset with noise cancelling mic.

This is a turn-key system and is ready to be shipped out. Each additional crew member with this package is $600.00.

If you need assistance putting together a system or have any questions about our Long Track Systems, give us a call at 1.800.669.1522.