Silver Short Track - BPR-40

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This is the system that you have been spending all day in front of the computer searching for. Racing Radios has designed the ultimate short-track two-way system. Perfect for short track, go-kart, driver instruction, dirt track and most ovals under 1 mile. This system comes complete with everything you need in the car including the helmet kit, push to talk button, driver earpieces, harness, and complete crew member package. This is same harness, helmet kit, earpieces and etc used by today's top professional teams and drivers. Racing Radios does not substitute it's name for quality. That is why we have been and still are The Leader in Racing Communications Worldwide since 1979. 

If you need assistance putting together a system or have any questions about our Short Track Systems, give us a call at 1.800.669.1522.

Tech Specs:
Motorola BPR-40 Two-Way Radios 4 watts