Porsche 911 GT2 RS Clubsport | Car Harness

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Racing Radios has designed their premium car harness for the new 911 Porsche GT2 RS Clubsport. This wiring harness connects driver communication with the Motorola XPR5550e Mobile Radio and the GT2's factory push-to-talk system.

This harness is Racing Radios' rugged two-way communication core and is designed for high-performance, maximum reliability and durability.


  • 4/C Driver Connection
  • Motorola XPR5550e Mobile Radio Connection (Rear)
  • 911 Porsche GT2 RS Clubsport Push-To-Talk (PTT) Connector
  • High-quality Cabling & Components


  • The RCH-XPR-CAYMEN-GT4/GT2 | Car Harness

Technical Specs & Docs: