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Fan Intercom Starter Package

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  • $389.95


Listen to the action while you're at the race with the Racing Radios Fan Intercom Headset. Listen to drivers, pit crews, commentators, and other racing broadcasts at the track. This Intercom headset package gives you everything you need to get started. Includes two intercom headsets, cables, and the Bearcat BC-125AT Scanner kit.

Features the same pro-quality build as our iconic two-way headsets worn by professional race teams. This intercom headset allows you to communicate with up to 8 other people wearing intercom headsets while all being able to listen to 1 scanner. Push-to-talk on the left ear cup allows conversation. Powered by a 9-volt battery, these headsets provide comfort and convenience.


  • Listen In to Live Racing Broadcast Communications
  • Communicate with up to 8 Tethered Headsets 
  • Push to Talk on Left Ear Cup
  • Noise Canceling Microphone
  • Audio Input Isolation switch
    (Send your audio input to "All" or isolate to your headset)
  • Professional Grade Components & Cabling
  • Maximum Comfort Preferred by Crews
  • Iconic Racing Radios Design 
  • Bearcat BC-125AT Scanner Kit
    + Belt clip
    + Flexible BNC antenna
    + USB cable
  • 2 Iconic Blue Racing Radios RRH-FAN-INT Headsets
  • 2 Scanner Connector Cables
  • Headset Connector Cables
  • 2 9v Batteries Pre-Installed (How to Change Battery Video)
*No Splitter is required when using multiple headsets. Each Headset comes with its own cable which can be used to daisy chain to another headset. Requires two or more headsets for tethered communication.