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Racing Radios PITBX Pro Intercom System | DSP8

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The new Racing Radios® PITBX PRO 8 Person Pit Box Intercom provides louder and clearer audio for pit box intercom communication. This versatile pro intercom allows multiple configurations with 2 intercom channels of audio so that groups can be separated with the flip of a switch.

The PITBX Pro features 1 or 2 radio inputs, 3.5mm auxiliary input and output ports, and an expansion port to connect an additional intercom or PITBX Pro for up to 16 DSP intercom channels.

Designed for dialing in the perfect mix, the PITBX Pro features external controls for ICS volume, Squelch, and Radio/Aux-In volume. Rugged and versatile, the PITBX Pro is the Ultimate Pro Intercom solution for integrating team radio and intercom race communication.


  • 8 Crew Intercom Ports
  • 2 Two-Way Radio Ports
  • 4 Dedicated Push To Talk Ports
  • Digital Signal Processing on each Intercom Port
  • Aux In & Mix Out Ports
  • Isolation Mode Toggle
  • Individual Volume Control for
  • Intercom, VOX, and Radio/Aux
  • Link Expansion Port
    (Connect an additional PITBX PRO for up to 16 DSP Intercom Channels)
  • Custom Configurations Available

Specification Sheet PDF (Download)

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