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Racing Radios® 2P Intercom System

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  • $499.99

  • This Racing Radios® 2 Person Intercom System is the ideal option for driving coaches and students or anyone who needs uninterrupted full duplex communications between driver and passenger.

    The RR-710 is our standard Two to Four-person intercom with radio interconnect and new digitally controlled VOX system. Connect your two-way radio and allow up to Four users’ control over one radio. That’s right! This intercom offers radio transmit control at all four positions!

    The RR-710 provides louder and clearer audio than ever before. Internal microphones gain adjustment control over all intercom gain, and internal radio gain adjustment controls transmit audio from your connected two-way radio. A 9-pin Molex accessory connector provides AUX IN and AUX OUT connections in addition to cell phone speaker and microphone connections.

    Intercom upgrade option available. Select the core system if you already have a helmet set up or add on two helmet kits for Driver and Instructor/Passenger.


    • Two to Four Person Intercom
    • Digitally controlled VOX system
    • Internal microphones gain controls overall intercom gain
    • Internal radio gain adjustment controls
    • 9-pin Molex accessory connector provides AUX IN /OUT connections
    • Expandable to 8 Person Intercom (with optional Expansion Module. Not included)

    System Includes:

    • RR-710 Intercom (Upgradable options DPS, DSP+Bluetooth, 4DSP)
    • (2) IHA-4C Helmet Cables (IMSA) 
      *Compatible with IMSA wired helmets

    Add Ons:

    • Add Two 4/C IMSA Style Helmet Kits (Coil or Straight)