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Mobile Radio Communication Systems

At Racing Radios, we offer mobile radio communications systems for racing. The Racing Radios® Mobile Systems are built for Pro Long Track and Endurance Race applications and feature the Motorola XPR 5550e, CM200 (analog), or CM300D (digital) mobile radio. These long-range race car radio systems boast an impressive range, and they come with every part you’ll need for proper radio communication. That means along with a Motorola mobile radio, you get a headset, car harness, an earpiece, and more. Two-Way Motorola Racing Radios are rugged, reliable, and trusted by pro teams and drivers. Prepare your team with a Racing Radios® Long Track Mobile System or add a  Crew Member Package to your current system. Interested in our mobile radio communications systems? Pick one up today from Racing Radios.

****These are bundled packages containing the Motorola R2 Digital Radio with a MAP price of $649, the Motorola R2 Analog Radio with a MAP price of $549, the Motorola CM200D analog with a MAP price of $629 , and the CM300d with a MAP price of $749.