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Are all Racing Radios products available online?

What is the difference between ANALOG and DIGITAL?

Does the "D" in CP200D stand for "Digital"?

What is the difference between 3 and 4 Conductor?

What is the red wire for on the mobile car harness?

What side of the copper ground plane goes up?

Do I need to use the included grommet when installing the CAK-70 Antenna?

Where can I find the programmed frequencies and squelch codes for my radios?

Portable Radio Not Working with Headset?

Helmet Kits

How do I get a helmet to Racing Radios for a Helmet Kit Install?

Custom Products

Do you provide custom products and services?

How & Where do I get Ear Impressions for Custom Ear Pieces?

Shipping & Returns

Does Racing Radios Ship Globally?

What is your Shipping and Return Policy?

What shipping methods are available?


What Payment Methods are accepted?


Do you rent radios, headsets, and scanners to racers & teams?

Schedule & Availability

Are you at each NASCAR and IMSA race? If so, where are you located?

Are you at every GT World Challenge America race? If so, where are you located?

Fan Products

Do I need a Splitter Cable for Fan Intercom Headsets?

How Do I Change the Battery In the Fan Intercom Headset?

Live Races & Events

Where Can I get Frequency Sheets for the Race?

Do you rent fan headsets and scanners at the race?

Can I Listen in on WEC Car Radios at the race?