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The MOTOTRBO R2 has replaced the (CP200D)

Racing Radios has an impressive selection of handheld radio complete system packages available for purchase, and high up on that list is the complete digital long track R2 Motorola radio package. These packages not only feature the R2 radio itself but also come with all the other racing communication essentials, such as a headset, an antenna kit, and an earpiece. Add more crew members with our Motorola R2’s for sale. Racing Radios R2 Long Track Complete Systems feature the R2 portable two-way radio (Digital or Analog) for car and crew communications.

Prepare your team with a quality Racing Radios Long Track System or add a Crew Member Package to your current system. Pick up one of our R2 Motorola radio complete systems today!

****These are bundled packages containing the Motorola R2 Digital Radio with a MAP price of $649 per unit, and the Motorola R2 Analog Radio with a MAP price of $549 per unit.