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Racing Scanners and Headsets for Fans

Racing Scanners and Headsets for Fans, NASCAR Race Scanners, & More!

Racing Radios’ race scanners and fan intercom headsets are high-quality and built to last. They feature the same pro-quality build as our professional two-way race radio headsets. These high-end racing headphones and race scanner packages will allow you to listen in during your favorite races.

Get in on the action while you're at the race. Listen to your favorite drivers, pit crews, commentators, and other racing broadcasts at the track on race day. For NASCAR fans, hit the racetrack-ready for the action with your high-quality NASCAR race scanners and headsets.

With our race scanner combo package, choose between preloaded NASCAR and IMSA race frequencies. Our high-quality fan scanner headphones are also compatible with NASCAR's Fan Vision and any device or scanners with a headphone jack.

Whatever your series, we have the right racing scanners and headsets to keep you connected to the action!

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