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CAK-65 Race Car Antenna

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  • $175.00

Racing Radios CAK-65 wave monopole race car radio antenna includes a flexible wire ground plane with a detachable radio antenna SMA connector. Easily installs with included hex locknuts. 


  • Detachable SMA Connector Radio Antenna
  • Easy Installation
  • Flexible Ground Wire Plane
  • Choice of Upgraded Cable Adapter

Pricing starts from $175: 

Available configurations:

Choose Cable weight:
Lightweight or standard

Choose Antenna Cable Adapter Type:
BNC, BNC90, Mini UHF, Mini UHF90

Install Guides:
Racing Radios Basic System Install Diagram (PDF)

History of Quality & Reliability
TODAY'S TOP PROFESSIONAL TEAMS AND DRIVERS USE THE CAK-65 (CAK65) Racing Radio Antenna. Racing Radios does not substitute its name for quality. That is why we have been The Leader in Racing Communications Worldwide since 1979.

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We have been pioneering, building, and servicing racing communication systems for over 40 years. If you need assistance assembling a system or have questions,
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