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Peltor Two-way Dual Headset | Peltor Dual

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  • Our new Peltor Two-way Dual headset is a premium racing professional communication hub built for reliability and functionality. The Peltor Dual Two-way Headset features two radio ports, each with a dedicated push-to-talk button.

    Designed for Mission-critical situations where clear organization and instant access to multiple radio channels are essential. Designed for Pit crews, spotters, and any race team member that requires direct instant mission-critical radio communication to multiple drivers or other team members. Designed around the Peltor hearing protection cup, these two-way headsets have a noise reduction rating of 30db. 

    Racing Radios Peltor 2023
    We got our start back in the day by listening to the needs of the guys in the trenches. Here are some of the improvements we have made with the newest release of our Peltor Two-way headset.

    • Premium flex-boom microphone  The newly upgraded mic does two things really well. First, the new mic module allows additional noise cancellation and higher-quality voice audio while transmitting.

      Second, and not to be underestimated, the flex boom allows quick and precise positioning. When the heat is on, quickly get the mic right back touching your lips, or pull it away to grab a quick swig of your favorite beverage* before returning to the action. Whatever the situation, quick and precise positioning of the microphone is now a standard feature on the PEL23.

    • Premium Comfort Gel Ear Seals - Gel Ear Seals are hands down one of our most popular upgrades, so we have included them as standard with the PEL23. With extended use and long days on track, gel ear seals can really make a difference.

    • Now In Stock & Ready to Ship - Wait no longer. We have updated the Peltor Dual from "custom-built to order" to "In stock and ready to ship."
      This item is in stock and ready to ship.


    • Two Radio Ports (one on each ear cup)
    • Two Push-to-talk buttons (one for each radio port)
    • Flex-boom microphone for precise positioning and additional noise cancellation.
    • Noise reduction rating of 30db 
    • Premium Comfort Gel Ear Seals
    • Higher-quality voice audio while transmitting 
    • MOLLE Attachment Headband

    Part: RRH23PEL2

    *In heat, water is highly suggested :)


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