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New Racing Antenna Design

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New Racing Antenna Design

"I can't talk when the car gets away from pit lane!", "Everything sounds fine until the car goes out on the race track!", "The car sounds great in the garage, but I hear a lot of static when it goes on the track!"  These are all complaints that I have heard repeatedly in nearly 20 years of experience with two-way radio communications in motorsports.  Most of the time with these complaints we find that there is a problem with the antenna system.  Recently Racing Radios designed a new antenna system that works great and is by far the easiest installation ever!  The CAK-70 antenna is a 1/4 wave antenna with included ground plane system that mounts to the underside of the vehicle body.  The installation is so easy!!!  The included ground plane system means that you don't have to worry about grounding it to the car or creating your own ground plane for those of you racing cars with a composite body.  Just drill a small 1/4" hole and install the included rubber grommet.  Feed the antenna up through the hole and stick the antenna base to the underside of the roof with the included dual lock adhesive strips.  It's just that simple.  We can build this antenna to your customized cable length and connection. Give it a try and we guarantee you will not be disappointed!

 Check out the video here 

Racing Antenna CAK-70CAK-70 underside view

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