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Two Way Racing Radio Maintenance Tips

Two Way Racing Radio Maintenance Tips

Communication is vital for a successful race day. Your team has to know when to move, stay put, and how the car’s performance. To ensure everyone can exchange this crucial information, you’ll want to use two-way radios. You’ll need to maintain these radios so they remain in good condition and will work properly. We established some two-way racing radio maintenance tips you can use to stay in the race.

Keep Away from Water

A two-way radio is an electronic device, and water will destroy it faster than anything else. Always keep your radios away from water to reduce any chance of ruining them. The radio only has a certain level of water resistance, so it’s imperative you keep it stowed away in the event you may come in contact with water.

Keep Vents Clear

Batteries in radios heat up during extended use. As such, manufacturers build vents on the radio so the heat can escape. The ventilation of the heat prevents the radio from overheating and malfunctioning. Therefore, you need to keep the vents clear of debris so they can cool the radio. 

Store Them Properly

Invest in a holster or a carrying case to hold your radio so you don’t drop and break it. When not in use, store them in a secure cabinet so you know where they are and can protect them from any unforeseeable accidents. Keep your system in a dry, padded location. Further, remove the battery if you are storing them in a hot area, and always remove the headset cables from the radio before storing.

Inspect and Change the Batteries

This is worth mentioning only because people forget to do this until it’s too late. Check the batteries to make sure they are in good shape—leaky batteries could damage the radio. Set up a schedule for replacing the batteries so you can rest assured the radio won’t die during a race. Additionally, don’t store the radios if the batteries are dead. Store them fully charged or with some with charge, and don’t store your radios on the charger—no matter if you have the charger plugged in or not. It’s also important to note that the batteries need replacing every three to five years. A warning sign you need to change the battery is if it’s no longer holding a charge.

Clean the Ear Buds

Anyone that has earbuds can tell you how fast they become dirty and gross. Racing earbuds are no different. The wax from the ear, dirt, and grime will start to accumulate on the earbuds over time. Clean them regularly so the wax and dirt don’t affect your ability to hear and the system’s overall performance. Consider storing them next to the radios when not in use.