In-Car Audio Auxiliary Adapter RRC-AUX-IO

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Plug the Racing Radios Driver Audio Adapter in-line with any of our 4/C IMSA style harnesses to record radio communications. Feed additional audio to the driver. Run audio to a GoPro, in-car camera , or audio recording device.


  • Quality Build with High-Grade Components and Cabling
  • 3.5MM audio input for additional audio feeds
  • 3.5MM audio output for GoPro Camera or external audio recording device
  • Compact Design 
  • Versatile Applications for Driver Communication Recording or Additional Audio Feeds to Driver.

Featured Video:

Randy Pobst Shows Off the Racing Radios RRC-AUX-IO:
Check out the RRC-AUXIO-IO in action as Randy Pobst gives a Tour at Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta 2019 for the ChampCar Endurance Series®

Additional Info:

Do you have a camera installed in your car and wish you could get the audio from your radio system synced up with the video? Would you like to listen to a second audio input from a RACEceiver or MP3 device all while maintaining perfect communications with your crew? Well guess what? We at Racing Radios have engineered the perfect solution for you.

The RRC-AUX-IO is an adaptor cable that plugs inline with your helmet cable. The adapter has a 3.5MM audio input and it also has another 3.5MM audio output for connecting to a camera. The input jack is perfect for connecting a RACEceiver or other listening device for those required to monitor the series' radio traffic. The audio output jack will connect the driver's microphone audio and the Racing Radios in-car radio's receive audio to the camera system. The audio you'll hear on the video is incredible!