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Driver Audio Auxiliary Adapter | RRC-AUX-IO 4/C

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Plug the Racing Radios Driver Audio Adapter in line with any of our 4/C IMSA style harnesses to record radio communications. Feed additional audio to the driver. Run audio to a GoPro, in-car camera, or audio recording device.


  • Quality Build with High-Grade Components and Cabling
  • 4/C IMSA Style Driver Connection
  • 3.5MM audio input for additional audio feeds
  • 3.5MM audio output for GoPro Camera or external audio recording device
  • Compact Design 
  • Versatile Applications for Driver Communication Recording or Additional Audio Feeds to Driver.

Featured Video:

Randy Pobst Shows Off the Racing Radios RRC-AUX-IO:
Check out the RRC-AUXIO-IO in action as Randy Pobst gives a Tour at Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta 2019 for the ChampCar Endurance Series®

Additional Info:

Do you have a camera installed in your car and wish you could get the audio from your radio system synced up with the video? Would you like to listen to an additional audio input from a RACEceiver or MP3 device all while maintaining perfect communications with your crew? Well, guess what? We at Racing Radios have engineered the perfect solution for you.

The RRC-AUX-IO is an adaptor cable that plugs inline with your helmet cable. The adapter has a 3.5MM audio input and it also has another 3.5MM audio output for connecting to a camera. The input jack is perfect for connecting a RACEceiver or other listening device for those required to monitor the series' radio traffic. The audio output jack will connect the driver's microphone audio and the Racing Radios in-car radio's receive audio to the camera system. The audio you'll hear on the video is incredible!