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Racing Radios Intercom w/DSP + Bluetooth | RR-710B/D

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  • $776.68

  • The RR-710B/D is a two to four-person intercom with radio interconnect and new digitally controlled VOX system. Connect your two-way radio and allow up to four users’ control over one radio. That’s right! This intercom offers radio transmit control at all four positions!

    The RR-710B/D offers a Bluetooth connection to any Bluetooth-enabled device such as a cell phone or MP3 player. This upgrade also includes DSP to remove unwanted ambient noise.

    The RR-710B/D provides louder and clearer audio than ever before. Internal microphones gain adjustment control over all intercom gain, and internal radio gain adjustment controls transmit audio from your connected two-way radio. A 9-pin Molex accessory connector provides AUX IN and AUX OUT connections in addition to cell phone speaker and microphone connections.


    • Two to Four Person Intercom Communication
    • Bluetooth Connectivity
    • DSP technology for unwanted ambient noise
    • Digitally controlled VOX system
    • Internal microphones gain controls overall intercom gain
    • Internal radio gain adjustment controls
    • 9-pin Molex accessory connector provides AUX IN /OUT connections

    System Includes: 

    • RR-710B/D Intercom (2-4 person w/DSP + Bluetooth)
    • 9-pin Molex accessory connector