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Finding the Best Complete Two-Way Racing System

Finding the Best Complete Two-Way Racing System

Racing Radios has the best race car communications systems anywhere. For over 40 years, we have developed, built, and serviced only the best racing communication systems. If finding the best complete two-way racing system is your goal, look no further. We’re the leader in pro racing communications and have been at the forefront of new technologies for race teams and fans alike. The top professional teams and drivers use our products because we never compromise on quality.

To bring racing to more fans, Racing Radios promotes and supports racing worldwide. We are the proud sponsor of ChampCar Endurance Series, SVRA, Bandolero Rookie, Outlaws and Bandit Divisions, and many other racing organizations and tracks across America. We’re also the official two-way supplier for the Blancpain GT World Challenge America.

Complete Communications Systems

Our complete two-way racing kits come with everything you need for the driver, the car, and the crew. All the accessories that a crewman or driver will need are included, and the same high-quality Motorola radios are a standard. No matter what vehicle you race with, we have a solution for you. We create custom communication systems for long track and short track racing, so you can stay in contact.

The short track packages work best on oval tracks under one mile long. They’re also good for go-kart tracks, dirt tracks, and driver instruction. The package includes a helmet kit for the driver, which includes a noise-canceling microphone, and driver earpieces. For the car, there’s a durable Motorola analog radio and a pro-level harness. Our long track packages also have the rugged Motorola radios in digital or analog and the same superior accessories. All systems are designed with the entire team in mind to get the best communications possible,.You may pay a little more upfront but the quality of our products will save you money long term.

Product Support

From the company’s founding, Racing Radios has stood behind our products. Our commitment to outstanding customer service is why we attend several events throughout the year. The best way to support our teams and products is to be there on-site to tackle any issues you may have. If you can’t meet us in person, you can call our customer service team with your concerns, or you can check out the FAQ section of the website. Call us, so we can design a custom communication system for you; we’re always happy to help.