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Helmet To Car Quick Release Connector (Water Radio) HELMETDRIVER 2W-5C

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  • $130.00

  • The Racing Radios® HELMETDRIVER 2W/5C is a Helmet-To-Car Quick Release Connector that provides each driver with quick-release connection to in-car Water and Radio/Driver ID systems.

    The HELMETDRIVER quick-release provides increased speed and efficiency with driver changes while maintaining the integrity of water and radio connections. 

    The HELMETDRIVER 2W/5C connects to a car-mounted HELMETCAR Base Connector (HELMETCAR 2W/4C-5C or HELMETCAR 2W/4C-5C-DOOR).


    • Durable, high-grade machined build
    • Water connector with Spring Loaded Quick-release mechanism
    • 5 Conductor Housing for 5/C Connector for Radio + Driver ID Applications
    • For use with HELMETCAR 2W/4C-5C or HELMETCAR 2W/4C-5C-DOOR car mount connectors. (sold separately)


    • 2 Connections: Water + Radio/Driver ID
    • 5 Conductor connection housing for 5/C Plugs with Radio + Driver ID