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Motorola R2 Power Link - Battery Eliminator

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  • Racing Radios R2 Power Link

    Upgrade your racing communication with the Racing Radios R2 Power Link, a game-changing battery eliminator and power supply designed specifically for Motorola R2 Radios. This innovative device connects directly to your car's DTM Connection port, allowing you to tap into the car's battery power and eliminate the need for frequent battery changes.

    Ideal for endurance and road course racing, the R2 Power Link ensures your team remains focused on the race without worrying about battery life. With this reliable power solution, avoid the inconvenience of battery swaps or unexpected battery failures at critical moments.

    Key Features

    • Removable Battery Module with Secure Lock Fit: Ensures a stable connection even in the most demanding racing conditions.
    • 8" High-Quality Wiring Power Cable: Provides flexibility and durability for seamless integration into your racing setup.
    • Power DTM Connector Port: Allows direct power supply from your car's battery to your Motorola R2 handheld radio, ensuring uninterrupted communication.

    Equip your team with the Racing Radios R2 Power Link and stay powered throughout the race. Keep your focus on what truly matters: winning.

    Part Number: RR-BATTERYELIM-R2