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Digital Versus Analog for Racing: Which Is Better?

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Digital Versus Analog for Racing: Which Is Better?

One of the most popular questions we get is, “when it comes to two-way radios, which is better, Digital or Analog?”  Well, generally, digital, but each has pros and cons. Funds are limited, and you want to make the right choice… So here is a quick breakdown.


  • A cleaner signal which enhances the range
  • Increased battery life
  • Encrypted Signal
  • Overall a better solution
  • Slightly more expensive


  • Noisier, “vintage” sound -Think Vinyl Records vs. Digital Music
  • Less range or coverage area
  • Drains the battery quicker than digital
  • Slightly More Affordable
  • Upgradable - CP200D Analog Radio can be upgraded to digital
  • Signal is not encrypted which allows scanners and fans to listen in

Digital Versus Analog Signal Comparison:

Racing Two-Way Radio Digital Verses Analog Signal Comparison

Best Practices:
It all comes down to power, distance, and line of sight. With ALL two-way radios, getting your radio connected to an external antenna kit outside the car will make the biggest difference. Use an external antenna adapter and cable with your radio to connect to our exclusive racing antenna we’ve designed for additional signal gain. 

Mobile Vs. Portable:
For the best road course coverage, Digital Mobile Radios offer the best range and are very close to the same cost as a portable radio. 

Reliable racing communication is the key to race safety and an increased competitive edge. Save even more by purchasing a Complete Packaged System, everything you need for Driver, Car, & One Crew Member setup.

Portable Radios: CM200D Digital | CP200D Analog | Mag-One Analog

Mobile Radios: CM300D Digital | CM300D Analog | XPR5550e Digital (Pro Series Call for Price)


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